“The relationship and connection I have with my dogs are some of the most important in my life”.

J.K.Johnson SUNDOGZ™ Founder


Hi everyone, meet my little Dessie Boy.  He is one of three dogs that my partner and I share our family life with.  Dessie inspired the creation of SUNDOGZ™. I consider Dessie to be a co-creator of SUNDOGZ™. Our story started when I wanted to find something that I could take to the beach with Dessie, that would keep him safe, comfortable and shaded. We were going to be spending the week away together, just the two of us- staying in a dog-friendly house. After searching extensively online and visiting most of the pet stores and camping shops in my local area I could not find anything that would meet Dessie’s needs, so we could spend as much time as we liked, chilling out and swimming at the beach with each other.

I was frustrated and very disillusioned about how we were both going to manage together for a week in dog-friendly accommodation two blocks from the beach!!!!    We managed to have a relaxing week but it was nothing like I had imagined.  While we walked on the beach and swam together every day,  we ended up spending most of our days stuck in the house – Dessie lying on the couch beside me while I either watched DVDs, read magazines or slept. Yes, I could have left him at the holiday house alone, NOT! There was no way I was going to leave him alone in a house that he was not familiar with while I had the freedom to come and go as I pleased!!!

When we returned home from our holiday, I started to draw up some sketches. Soon I was speaking with an engineer I know, and we started to draft more and more drawings and began the prototype and testing process. He was amazing and most evenings we would talk about how this lifestyle and recreation product had the capacity to have more and more features.  I also knew that there was another pain point for me when I went to the beach – I never really knew where I could safely keep my car keys, wallet and phone!!!! Surely I wasn’t the only person that experienced this?  We kept our focus on the experience and perspective of the dog,  and also on the experience of the dog owner when accessing the great outdoors together.  We know from personal dog lover experience how important it is that you can easily include your dog in your outdoor experiences in as hassle free way.

It soon became apparent that the SUNDOGZ™ was so versatile and was going to offer dogs and their owners so much more freedom – not only could it be used across a wide range of soft and hard terrains but also would suit individuals, couples and families who enjoy a significant range of  outdoor activities including but not limited to:

  • Surfing and SUP boarding
  • Fishing and Camping
  • Hiking, bush walking and tramping
  • Road travelers
  • Tradesman and dog-friendly workplaces
  • Beach-goers and 4×4 enthusiasts
  • Parents and families who attend their children’s sports events
  • Dog societies and clubs
  • Festivals, Fetes and Fun Days

We are passionate about SUNDOGZ™ and we are proud to be a part of such a dedicated dog loving team.  Our dream is to assist dog lovers and their dogs to spend more quality time together, more easily – in the world’s biggest playground – the great outdoors.  

Do yourself and your dog a favour, order a SUNDOGZ™, it will change how you spend time with your beloved dogs.  Your dog will think the WORLD of you.  You will all have so much more freedom to experience life together, wherever.

Happy SUNDOGZ™ Dayz

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